Program Stories

Kristan Pitts

2015-2017 Community Coordinator


Sylvia Palmer

Sylvia Palmer is one of the proudest community members in Nicholtown. Born at the end of 1945, this vivacious woman has lived in Greenville for most of her life. As a long time resident, she has seen every transition and every step the city has taken, and she has grown with the best of it. …

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Alecia Brewster

Alecia Brewster is someone of many great qualities, but her drive to do good for the sake of humankind pairs perfectly with her noble nature. In fact, the name ‘Alecia’ means noble-natured, and it is hard to dismiss this when speaking of her ability to live life with a generous and brave outlook. With a …

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Ebony Flowers

Ebony Flowers is the kind of inspiration future generations should be looking for. Living up to her name ‘Flowers,’ her growth at Sustaining Way has brought new opportunities that allow her to flourish. Ebony’s journey to Sustaining Way was ignited by her passion to do something great. Having earned a Bachelors of Science in Biology, she wanted more than …

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Kristan Pitts

Kristan Pitts is the kind of leader who capitalizes on her ability to hold conversations with people across sectors. Her manifestation of greatness has always dwelled within her. Sustaining Way created a landscape for her to understand her voice in nonprofit work and develop her connection to the environmental and social justice movement.  Kristan’s life …

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Sha’dia Rosemond

Sha’dia Rosemond is a bright, young, and valuable member of the greater Greenville community. She was a part of Sustaining Way’s Steward Fellows program, which sparked her passions for gardening, health and environmentally conscious architecture. She was introduced to Sustaining Way through her mother’s best friend who works for a program called SHARE. Sha’dia volunteered …

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Marshay Fowler

Though only a junior in high school, Marshay Fowler carries wisdom and credibility beyond her years. Raised in Simpsonville and Greenville, as a child she loved to spend time with her mom, a hairdresser, at the salon. She also grew up going to her ‘memaw’s’ house to watch her cook, reveling in the peace of …

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Bobby Lowden

“I grew up in what was called Newtown, where blacks and whites were separated by the railroad tracks. Bramlett Road was a small country road at the time. This is where the gas plant was located and where most of the runoff was released.” Bobby Lowden is a long time resident of Greenville SC, spending …

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Rhonda Young

Born and raised in Nicholtown, Rhonda Young lives in a house built from her father’s own two hands. As a young girl, when she wasn’t riding bikes or catching tadpoles, she would ask to help her father work on houses. She may not have known it then, but her family holds a beautifully rich history …

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