Mary Pyett

Member, First Baptist Church, Greenville, SC

“We abuse so much in the U.S. with little thought to the impact we are having on our world.   I marvel at our arrogance some times…and find great joy in things like Annie’s House because they give me hope for a future. Thank you for finding a way to share your passion in a concrete way.   I tell everyone I know about Annie’s House.  Every church needs Annie’s Houses in their low income neighborhoods.”

Glenda Kinard

Former President, Nicholtown Neighborhood Association

“The Nicholtown Community appreciates being selected by Sustaining Way as the first location to implement the concept of a sustainable home, Annie’s House, and a coordinator to help our community learn and implement sustainable practices. This house is to be an example of a well constructed, highly energy efficient home that is still affordable for most low income residents. Although the idea of one’s landscape being a sustaining source is new to most of our residents, we are definitely excited to learn more about it so we are able to provide more of our food within our own neighborhood. As a community, we are looking forward to learning and growing together with Sustaining Way and Annie’s House in various capacities.”

Dr. Aaron Simmons

Professor of Philosophy, Furman University

“Significant academic work has been done in recent years on the intersection of ecology and spirituality. From Process Eco-Theology and Evangelical Creation Care to Buddhist accounts of essential relationships among all living things and Hindu notions of karmic concern for the least of the Earth’s inhabitants, environmental activism is no longer simply something to be relegated to “new age” spirituality and “liberal” political agendas. However, despite the proliferation of academic work in these areas, much of this research is largely detached from the existential realities of the global poor and the challenges of the communities in which they live. Sustaining Way attempts to put the theory into practice by allowing practice to shape our theory. This project is important across the academic disciplines because it attempts to create new ways of living rather than just new thoughts about such ways. By creating not only a scalable model of low-income sustainable housing, but also a repeatable plan for community improvement, this project brings together such disciplines as environmental design, sustainability science, eco-business, poverty studies, environmental philosophy, and theology.”

Pastor Darian Blue

Senior Pastor, Nicholtown Missionary Baptist Church

“Partnering with Sustaining Way has truly deepened my awareness of how community and families can be transformed by sustainable practices. It is through the proven practical suggestions that Sustaining Way is offering that will transform the way families, communities and churches will provide for themselves. Not only does the vision help right now, but it will help many generations that follow. The Nicholtown Baptist church, for example, has over a 75 percent hypertension rate among our congregants. But the idea of planting a church garden, which was inspired by Sustaining Way will help us encourage our congregants to eat healthier and prayerfully reduce the high percentage of congregants who have been diagnosed with hypertension. It’s examples such as this one that inspires communities and families to live better lives and gain a deeper appreciation for having more by living on less.”

Pam Shucker

Writer, Co-Founder of SAVER

“Annie’s House and Sustaining Way emerged as Rick’s vision to enable limited income residents improve their lives through sustainable practices. What a win-win: helping sustain the natural environment while teaching citizens to sustain themselves.”

Kyle Matthews

Minister, First Baptist Church, Greenville, SC

O God, you have always led us by dreams, dreams sent to dreamers who saw– not things as they are, with their complicated circumstances and limited resources and other discouragements–but things as they could be. Today we acknowledge such a dream and say that because it resonates with all we know of your will for our lives, we believe it came from you, we thank you for it, and we dedicate our efforts back to you. Thank you for Rick Joye’s listening heart and receptive spirit for the inspiration of his sister Annie’s love and concern for your creation. We lift Annie herself up and ask for continuing improving health. Thank you for his initiative and the many ways your Spirit brought the right people together at the right time to form Sustaining Way. Thank you for the welcoming and supportive spirit in the Nicholtown Community, in the Nicholtown Missionary Baptist Church and the Neighborhood Association, in all those who want to see their community united and thriving. Keep always before us a vision of how it could be…

…when we embrace every asset and minimize wastefulness

…when partnerships accomplish what no one of us can accomplish alone

…and when all we do is motivated by a love that makes no exceptions”

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