Celebration of Sustainable Futures Fundraiser

SUSTAINING WAY, Nicholtown Neighborhood Association, the City of Greenville and Greenville county Human Relations PRESENT

Nicholtown Housing Series

Join us for our Nicholtown housing series. This event will focus on housing solutions for veterans. Register below to hear from housing experts and connect with Sustaining Way, the Nicholtown Neighborhood Association, and Greenville County Human Relations.

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Work and Learn in the Garden

Volunteer with us by request! You can come for any length of time, wear close-toed shoes, and bring a water bottle if you can. Email oscar.bennett@sustainingway.com to reserve your time.


Service Day in the Garden

Volunteer with us! You can come for any length of time, wear close-toed shoes, and bring a water bottle if you can. Email oscar.bennett@sustainingway.com to learn more.


November Volunteer Days!

Volunteer with us! You can come for any length of time, wear close-toed shoes, and bring a water bottle if you can. Email oscar.bennett@sustainingway.com to learn more.


Help us make our Garden more Accessible

Volunteer with us! We are making our garden more accessible and sustainable and we need your help! Email hello@sustainingway.com to learn more.

Our Values

Thriving Together

We believe that sustainability starts with the purposeful inclusion of all people in solidarity and mutuality. Inclusion is essential to building just relationships among ourselves as we shape our collective future. This may require slowing things down to allow space for civil dialogue, but this is vital to cultivating a just and equitable society that is resilient and enduring.

Celebrating Faith

We believe in the power of faith to catalyze people to make changes for the common good. Because of this, we work as an interfaith organization. We celebrate and embrace all faiths and non-faiths that center on love and compassion for others.

Practicing Stewardship

All of our work is in an effort to care for people and the planet. We understand the urgency to address the challenges that face us. Therefore, we are committed to taking bold action and sustained effort every day to accomplish our mission with the knowledge that lives are on the line.

Committing to Integrity & Truth

Integrity is the foundation on which we build trust and just relationships. We are committed to sound moral and ethical principles. We do everything possible to live up to the commitments we have made. We make our decisions based on facts and research. We seek and expect excellence in ourselves and in how we interact with each other.

Addressing Race, Equity & Justice

Until all people thrive, no society can claim to be just and equitable. We recognize that structural racism is embedded as normal practice within every system in American society. We must continually seek to understand our own prejudices and advocate for equity, inclusion and justice in all of our systems.

What is Sustainability?

What is Sustainablity?

To understand Sustaining Way’s focus it helps to better understand what is meant by sustainability. For us, sustainability is simple and practical. It is about caring for people while caring for the environment and doing this all in an affordable manner.

How do we do it?

We do this through working with our partners to purchase and upgrade an underutilized property in marginalized communities and the selective employment of individuals with skills and passion for sustainability and community development. Annie’s House is our flagship site in Nicholtown, Greenville, SC. Its landscape was sustainably remodeled to serve as an education center, demonstration site, and as a base of operations. We break sustainability down into six areas:

  • Food and Landscape
  • Energy and Energy Efficiency
  • Consumption and Waste
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Social Sustainability

We educate, demonstrate, and advocate to develop individuals and the community in each of these areas.


Help us create communities that provide for themselves while also providing for their future.

Sustaining Way, a 501(c)3 formed in January 2012, is an interfaith non-profit that uses education, collaboration and advocacy to create sustainable, caring and equitable communities for current and future generations. Sustaining Way uses a unique community-based approach to sustainability through our demonstration site Annie’s House, just off the Swamp Rabbit Trail in the historic Nicholtown community of Greenville, SC.

In January of 2017, Sustaining Way assumed responsibility for the South Carolina Interfaith Power and Light (SCIPL). SCIPL offers programs and resources for action, advocacy, energy conservation, education, networking and worship. For more information visit: scipl.org

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Small change. Big impact.

See how your contribution to Sustaining Way has an impact on your community.

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