Program Stories

Kristan Pitts

2015-2017 Community Coordinator


Nakrista Summer Steward Fellow 2017

“I have had a great experience working here. It has been fun serving in the Nicholtown Community. I have learned about agriculture, weeds and the secret life of chickens”


Cameron Owens Summer Steward Fellow 2017

“This summer I have learned about the importance of communication, teamwork and work ethic. At this job site I have learned so much about gardening. I learned about weeds, when and how to properly water plants, plant harvesting and how to till soil. All in all this summer I’ve loved working at Annie’s House by …

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Chandlan Josey Summer Steward Fellow 2017

“Choosing to work here was the best choice I ever made. I have learned so many skills, communication, time management and patience. “


Kristan Pitts Community Coordinator 2015-2017

“Of all the memories that I’ll take from my years at Sustaining Way, seeing the growth of the Steward program and how our work touches the lives of youth stands out among my most cherished.” “Serving with Sustaining Way has provided me with the space to identify my values, beliefs, and passions and will forever …

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Jazmine Taylor Assistant Coordinator 2017

“While finishing up my degree, I knew I wanted to make a difference and positively impact the world around me. Finding the opportunity to start that next step, career-wise, proved to be more challenging than I, or anyone in my circle, would have expected.”


Michael MalcomCommunity Coordinator 2017

“It was through the coordinator program that I learned about and developed a passion for Creation Care. Through the coordinator program I was able to develop into a Faith Leader in the Environmental Justice Movement and was recently appointed to be the Environmental Justice Representative for the Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ.”

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